Enjoy food and drinks on the water in Amsterdam

Enjoy food and drinks on the water in Amsterdam

Water is as much part of the Dutch capital as the historic buildings and the people, and enjoying a meal or snack on the water is a quintessential not to be missed Amsterdam experience. That is why we offer several different types of Food & Beverage cruises for you to enjoy when you are in Amsterdam.

Dining on the Amsterdam canals

Our most elaborate food cruise is the Amsterdam Dinner Cruise, which will take you on a 2-hour cruise through the canals while enjoying a delicious dinner. As the canal boat starts cruising through the canals, service starts with a drink and hors-d’oeuvres of freshly baked bread with butter and oil. Next is a delicious creamy pomodoro soup, to whet your appetite for the main course for which you can choose between a meat, fish and vegetarian option.

The dinner ends with a delightful homemade tiramisu. What you see outside the window during the cruise depends on the time of year you choose to take the dinner cruise. You’ll either enjoy the last rays of sun and a sunset on board or experience the canals in the dark of night, both the golden hour and night time on the canals are magical and provide their own unique ambiance.

Pizza cruiseNew York Pizza meets the Amsterdam canals

For a more informal and earlier dinner option, the New York Pizza by LOVERS cruise is the way to go. During this 75-minute cruise through the Amsterdam canals you’ll be served with a mouth-watering pizza, a cookie dough ice cream, and the drinks are included as well. You can choose between five different kinds of pizza and there is a smaller pizza option for kids as well.

There is a quick stop at the start of the cruise behind Amsterdam Central Station to pick up the pizza’s hot and fresh from the New York Pizza ovens. Once everyone has their pizza the cruise takes you through the city’s UNESCO World Heritage listed canal belt, with its historic bridges and picturesque canal houses that give the city its charming and iconic character.

All-you-can-eat traditional Dutch pancakes

The most child-friendly of the food cruises is the Pancake Cruise on the IJ River, with a gigantic ball pit on board. Unlike the other food and beverage cruises, this boat tour does not take you along the Amsterdam canals as it stays on the IJ River which separates the city centre from the northern city district. Depending on the day there are both lunch and evening cruises available, so it is easy to fit into any trip to Amsterdam.

During the cruise, you’ll have access to an all-you-can-eat buffet of Dutch pancakes, including mouth-watering toppings like Dutch cheese, syrup, bacon, fruit, chocolate, marmalade and much, much more. Eating traditional Dutch pancakes is something you can't miss out on when you visit the Netherlands. The pancakes are usually larger and much thinner than their American counterparts yet a little thicker than crepes.

Wine tastingA wine and cheese tasting on the water

The perfect cruise to relax with friends after a full day of sightseeing is the Wine & Cheese cruise. Whether you want to take a break before a night on the town or just want to enjoy the company of your friends in a unique location, our wine and cheese tasting could be exactly what you are looking for.

During the cruise you can choose between multiple red, white and rose wines and switch whenever you want. Along with the wine there will be a selection of local cheeses, grapes, bread and figs to enjoy. The Amsterdam Wine & Cheese Cruise is truly the perfect way to enjoy a unique and fun evening in the Netherlands.