About us

Expertise and professionalism is what Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam is all about. We are the local expert, with precise scheduling and modern, impeccably maintained boats. Since the establishment of Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam in the 1950s, we have strived to provide the best canal cruises in Amsterdam. Today Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam is proud to offer cruises that pair variety and customization with expert knowledge.

About Lovers Canal Cruises

Keen to know more about Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam? Read on to learn more about Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam, the Amsterdam canal experts.

Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam was founded in the 1950s. Since then, it has become synonymous with the very best in Amsterdam cruising. Every year, Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam strives to improve upon the classic Amsterdam canal cruise. In 2016, our entire fleet of 45 boats underwent a substantial upgrade, receiving new interiors and a beautiful new orange-grey color-line. Today, we offer a wide variety of itineraries enriched by fascinating audio in 19 languages.

An important fact to know about Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam is that part of the company operates under the name Hop On Hop Off City Sightseeing Service. However, it is mostly recognized by the Lovers logo.

Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam on demand

At Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam, we aim to provide variety and customization. Therefore, we offer an array of both venues and departure times. The first of our vessels depart at 9 am, and the last of our barges sets sail when the city lights twinkle off the dark canal waters, at 10 pm; we also adjust departure on request for groups. Whether you wish to discover Amsterdam’s canals alone, with your partner, or in a group, at Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam we have the perfect canal cruise for you.

At Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam, we enrich the Amsterdam cruise experience with our exclusive onboard dining options. We work with Frans Kelders Cuisinier, a former Michelin star chef, to prepare beautiful food and beverage cruises. Wind your way down Amsterdam’s world heritage-listed waterways while enjoying juicy Angus Beef burgers, gourmet pizzas, dinner by candlelight or even a 4-course meal.

Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam is environmentally conscious

Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam cares about the environment. That is why our fleet includes solar-driven small boats. Silent and clean, these vessels allow you to visit the narrower canals of the city, like those in the Red Light District.