Splashtours Amsterdam

Splashtours Amsterdam offers a city tour in the unique amphibian bus. This is a bus and boat in one. A sightseeing trip with a surprising ‘splash’ into the IJ River!

Special price € 25 € 29 Book tickets

Dutch Authentic Boat

The Dutch Authentic Boat cruise will take you on a luxury sightseeing cruise on a beautifully restored historic boat.

Special price € 29.50 € 32.50 Book tickets

Small Boat Cruise

An Amsterdam canal cruise on a small boat is a unique experience. Discover the hidden parts of the city where the bigger boats can’t go!

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Cruise Like A Local

Cruise Like A Local enables you to discover Amsterdam on your terms. Design your own route and enjoy expert commentary from a skipper. Get tickets online.

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New York Pizza by LOVERS

Complete your visit to Amsterdam with this unique New York Pizza by LOVERS canal cruise! Enjoy an oven-fresh pizza and Ben & Jerry's ice cream on board as you cruise the Amsterdam canals.

Special price € 34.50 € 42.50 Book tickets

Loetje by LOVERS Steak & Burger Cruise

All aboard this unique Loetje by LOVERS Canal Cruise! The only place where the best of two worlds are combined: enjoy the famous Loetje steak and cruise the Amsterdam canals on a modern LOVERS boat.

Tickets From € 49.50 Book tickets

Amsterdam Candlelight Cruise

You can’t go wrong on a beautiful Amsterdam Candlelight Cruise. Book now and surprise your lover with a night of romance and canal cruising through the city.

Tickets From € 42.50 Book tickets

Day / Evening

Lovers Canal Cruises is renowned for its professional and varied tours run by local experts. Discover Amsterdam from the water during an Amsterdam Canal Cruise as you learn about the rich history of this Dutch capital. An Amsterdam Canal Cruise is cheap and easy to book online. Choose your favorite Amsterdam Canal Cruise, and before you know it, you will be gliding along the water in a boat. Which Amsterdam Canal Cruise will you pick?

Day and evening cruises

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you’ll find an Amsterdam Canal Cruise just right for you. Experience day and evening cruises just the way you want to. Why not take your loved one on a romantic Candlelight Cruise? Taste the finest wines by candlelight as the lights of the canal add an extra dimension to your canal boat cruise. Among the day and evening cruises on offer, there is also the mouth watering  Loetje by Lovers Steak cruise perfect for lovers of gourmet food. Enjoy an unforgettable dinner for two, carefully prepared by an award-winning chef, as your boat floats through the gorgeous canals. Or try the Loetje by Lovers Burger cruise. Sample the best burgers while enjoying unlimited drinks. It’s not hard to see that the day and evening cruises offer something for everyone!

Intimate and unique: small boat cruises

Discover the most exclusive parts of the canal belt with a Small Boat Cruise. Lovers Canal Cruises will gladly take you along the narrow canals where bigger barges cannot pass. Discover the historic Red Light District from the water as you enjoy shining through the open roof (in good weather.) Did you know that Amsterdam Canal Cruise is environmentally friendly? The Amsterdam Canal Cruise boats are partly powered by solar! The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is one of the most authentic and enjoyable ways to get to know this beautiful city. The tour is available in no less than 19 languages, so if you are local, it’s an excellent way to introduce your international friends to the city. Show them your hometown, with the beautiful merchant houses lining the canals and the charming neighborhoods. Book your Amsterdam Canal Cruise online - it’s quick and easy.