Best discounts on canal cruises in Amsterdam

Best discounts on canal cruises in Amsterdam

The canal tours from LOVERS Canal Cruises are the best priced canal cruises in Amsterdam and this is where you will also get the biggest discount on these tickets. Not only that but LOVERS Canal Cruises have also been tested as the best in Amsterdam by Top-X in August 2022 (in Dutch). In fact, Top-X entire top 5 of canal cruise experiences can be booked with LOVERS Canal Cruises.

LOVERS Canal Cruises best in test and best price

Best canal cruise in test and in price

The very best in test is the Canal Cruise from Amsterdam Central Station. This one hour cruise gives you great value for money as there is space to sit inside and outside, there are tables to relax at between the individual seats and there is an audio guide in 19 different languages, insuring that most everyone can learn more about the Amsterdam canals.

When you book your tickets online you get over 20% discount on your tickets to this canal cruise in Amsterdam. Top-X gave this canal cruise a 9.5 out of 10, the only downside they could find was that only tickets bought online can be cancelled for free. Meaning that if you book online with us, there are only upside to this incredible Amsterdam canal cruise experience with LOVERS Canal Cruises.

Other great canal cruise experiences in Amsterdam

New York Pizza by LOVERS CruiseTop-X didn’t only look for the best canal cruise in Amsterdam, they also looked at specific types of canal cruises. They found the New York Pizza by LOVERS cruise to be the best canal cruise with food. True pizza lovers can’t miss this canal cruise experience, which you can book with 20% discount here on the LOVERS website.

For those who want to take unobstructed photos of the city, the sightseeing tourists, Top-X recommends the Semi-Open Boat Cruise. With the adjustable roof, you are sure to enjoy the sunshine on sunny days, while you remain dry if the Dutch weather turns. This canal cruise is available with a 20% discount right here on the website.

Wijn & Kaas rondvaartIf you are looking for a great way to close out a beautiful day in Amsterdam and prefer to do so with a glass of wine in hand, the Wine & Cheese Cruise is the best choice. Not only can you enjoy multiple glasses of different kinds of wine as you cruise through the city centre of Amsterdam for 90 minutes but also a variety of local cheeses. The Wine & Cheese Cruise can be bought right here with a 13% discount.

All of the Canal Cruises by LOVERS start in the heart of the city, from there each cruise takes a different path through the city, depending on the amount of traffic on the canals and the size of the boat. Sights you will definitely see include the World Heritage-listed 17th-century canals and the cities iconic architecture. Enjoy the sights along the most famous of the waterways, the Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht.

When it comes to hopping on board a boat with kids, the Pancake Cruise is the best choice according to Top-X, which you can book right here with an 8.5% discount. This 75-minute cruise stays on the IJ river but comes with an unlimited Dutch pancake buffet. And in the hull of the boat there is a massive ball pits where kids can certainly have the time of their lives.