Evening cruise

The cruise was lovely, and the

Avond rondvaartaudio guide was very informative. It was tricky at times to follow which building was being spoken about since the track would play while we were moving but it was very interesting either way.★★★★

Very nice and interesting tour through the canals. By means of the audio tour, you got a good idea about Amsterdam. Especially about how it used to be. Highly recommended to do.

Took an evening cruise on the 14th of March and the evening was clear and was so cozy. Sat and watched the lit up town and enjoyed the information they gave. This tour was not the same that I had taken in the day which was nice. And the staff had a lot of knowledge and were really nice!

Got the last evening cruise and we was not disappointed lasted around 1 hour 15 mins the boat wasn’t full so plenty of room. the tour was very good with audio recording and the captain adding an extra touch. All in all a pleasant evening.

Our boat wasn't full so we were able to spread out, I would imagine it would be a bit cramped if full as its 3 seats to each side of a table. The tour was informative with the skipper adding an extra touch to the audio recording. The boat was slowed down or stopped at key points so it was not a whistle stop tour.


We ended up doing the cruise in the evening so it was in the dark rather than during the day. I originally thought we'd see nothing but I was wrong! The canal is lit up with lovely fairy lights everywhere and all the main sights stand out even more with their lights against the darkness. Was a really pretty way to see the city views. The boat driver was very nice and added a bit of information every now and then to the audio guide. He also gave a heads up when a good photo opportunity was coming up so that we could all get the cameras ready! The information in the audio guide itself was very good and interesting to hear about the city. ★★★★


The captain was very kind and good. Perfect for passing under the bridges and enjoying the views that this marvel - a Unesco heritage site - has to offer. Time flies. Practical disposable headphones with various languages to choose from. Interesting information. Postcard-perfect views, thanks to the splendid weather. A beautiful moment of our Honeymoon.

We booked onto the 1 hour cruise on our last night in Amsterdam. It was raining, but this did not impact the views too much, as most seats have windows that can be opened for any photographs you wish to take. Our tour guide was very friendly and funny. We saw lots of Amsterdam that we had not yet seen on foot, so this was a lovely way to end our short break. It was also very interesting to hear about Amsterdam’s history. Each seat has a headphone port, so you can choose to either listen to the commentary or just enjoy the views. The boat itself was cosy and comfortable. Our tour was not too crowded (9pm), so we had a set of seats to ourselves.


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* Reviews from Tripadvisor and Trustpilot

October 7, 2021