Safely enjoying a Pizza cruise on the Amsterdam canals

Safely enjoying a Pizza cruise on the Amsterdam canals

28 September 2021

Slowly but surely we are returning to a world we all remember. Now you can enjoy a New York Pizza by LOVERS cruise without worrying about being exposed to COVID-19.

Some of the measures we have now lived with for 18 months are being lifted but to truly make it out of the pandemic safely there are still a few measures we will have to live with for a while. Gone are the days of social distancing in the Netherlands. Instead, in order to enjoy activities such as eating out, going to a movie or a show requires you to show a COVID-19 Certificate.

Time for a pizza cruise and stunning views

Pizza cruise

Here is what to expect from a New York Pizza by LOVERS cruise. As we leave behind the LOVERS quay and cruise to the IJ river, you can enjoy your first drink of the evening. What will you have? A nice cold Heineken, some wine or maybe a soft drink or some water? The choice is yours, as the drinks are included on this pizza canal cruise in Amsterdam.

As we make a quick stop on the IJ river to pick up your pizzas, hot from the New York Pizza ovens, you can enjoy the views of the striking architecture of the Eye Film Museum or ponder swinging on the roof of the A’DAM Lookout.

As we serve your pizzas, we’ll make our way to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Amsterdam canals. Sit back, relax, enjoy the views, your pizza and the occasional fun fact from the captain about the canals and its inhabitants. For instance, did you know there are over 800.000 bikes in Amsterdam. Sometimes they fall into the canals. More than 10.000 bikes are fished out of the canals every year!

Finished your pizza? Don’t worry the cruise isn’t over yet. It’s time for desert, some delicious Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip ice cream. Are you read to hop on board and enjoy a pizza cruise through the Amsterdam canals? Book your pizza cruise tickets here.

COVID-19 Certificate, what and how?

Everyone who can show a COVID-19 Certificate is either vaccinated, recovered from a COVID-19 infection or tested negative within the last 24 hours. That means that it is highly unlikely that a fun night out turns into a super spreader event and you can just have fun without worrying about keeping your distance from people or getting infected with the Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 Certificate that you need to have is QR code, what the venue you are visiting sees when they scan the code depends on the type of certificate you have. If you have a Dutch corona admission ticket, they will see a green tick, the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name, your day and month of birth (not year).

Non-Dutch EU citizens can use the Digital COVID Certificate, depending on the certificate the scanner will show the type of test, the date of testing, and the test result, or; the type of vaccine, the vaccination date, and the test result, or; the recovery certificate details; your first and last name; your date of birth.

Non-EU citizens should always get tested through Testing for Entry (Testen voor Toegang). Even if you are fully vaccinated. The test result can then be uploaded in the CoronaCheck app to create a Dutch corona admission ticket. Getting tested is free for everyone.