Christmas on board with LOVERS

Christmas on board with LOVERS

16 December 2022

Here at LOVERS we love the holiday season, as this video certainly shows. And a cruise through the Amsterdam canals is possibly the perfect family activity for this time of year.

With the dock at Prins Hendrikkade 25 and the canal boats decorated for the season, everyone steps on board with a smile on their face. Whether you choose a daytime cruise or decide to view the city after the sun has set, Amsterdam shows itself from its best side when you view it from the water.

When the sun is up you'll have a great view of points of interest such as the Westerkerk and the canal houses along the city's major canals: Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. As the Dutch often keep their curtains open and love to decorate their homes for the festive season, you will be able to enjoy not just the city's sights and Christmas decorations but also those of the people who live in the city.

Christmas on the Amsterdam canalsIn the evening, or in these winter days late afternoon, the city sparkles with all the lights both from the bridges, such as the famous Skinny bridge, the Amsterdam Light Festival, and the twinkly lights from the Christmas decorations. During an Amsterdam canal cruise you can sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings and the company from your family or friends.

Each LOVERS canal cruise is unique as the captain changes the route through the city depending on traffic on the canals and the size of the boat. The canal tours are exactly long enough for a fun family outing and short enough to avoid the Christmas tradition of a family argument.

As you sit back and enjoy the sights you can listen to the audio guide to find out more about what you are seeing or ask the captain what he knows about this beautiful city, such as how many canals does Amsterdam have. Or ask the captain to play a Christmas song, though that might cause them to sing a long, so tread carefully.