XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam

XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam

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Important info

  • Wearing a face mask is voluntary
  • Opening hours: 
    Mon - Thu & Sun: 12.00 - 01.00 h. 
    Fri - Sat: 12.00 - 02.40 h.
    Daily: 12.00 - 02.40 h. 
  • Special opening hours
    On April 27th the Icebar is closed due to Kings Day
  • Last admission:
    1 hour before closing time
  • Reservation: 
    Reservation required. Without a reservation, admission may be denied.
    Check-in at the Icebar 20 minutes before the reserved time.
  • Location: 
    Amstel 194-196, Amsterdam
  • Remark
    This is a ticket for a specific date and time ('time slotted ticket') and is not refundable without costs. For questions please contact info@lovers.nl

What's included?

  • 3 free drinks
  • Fast-track admission
  • All the special clothing needed for the Xtracold experience
  • Free WiFi

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XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam

The Icebar Amsterdam is not easily overlooked. One of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam, the Icebar Amsterdam includes an incredible ice bar made entirely of ice - 60 tons of it. Drinks are served in ice glasses, and, at -10°C, you won’t have to worry about your beer getting warm. The Icebar Amsterdam is also famous amongst budget travelers. Upon entry, you’ll receive three tokens for free drinks, which can be used in both the heated bar in the front and the actual ice bar.

But the Icebar Amsterdam is not just a spectacular sight to behold. It also has an unbelievable history. Here, you can experience the arctic temperatures that famous Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz endured on his ill-fated expedition to the North Pole. Don’t miss the Icebar Amsterdam on your trip to Amsterdam - it’s one of the best things to do in Amsterdam.

Visit the XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam

Visit the XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam without experiencing the cold! Before entering the ice bar, you can enjoy the cozy heated bar of the XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam, the perfect place to sit back and sip your free welcome cocktail. In the XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam lounge, you can also bask in great music while sipping a freshly poured glass of Heineken, all the while preparing yourself to enter Amsterdam’s equivalent of the North Pole the XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam!

The Icebar Amsterdam takes you back to the year 1596 when Willem Barentsz’ ship stranded on the inhospitable Arctic island of Nova Zembla. The crew was forced to endure the extreme hardship of the northern winter for almost a year. Don’t worry, however; your experience will be one of pure enjoyment! Prior to entering, the staff of the Icebar Amsterdam will provide you with comfortable thermal clothing and gloves to protect you from the frosty temperatures.

Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam: the coolest and most thrilling bar in town

The Icebar Amsterdam is an extraordinary feat of engineering. Not only are the seats and glasses made of ice, but the whole bar itself is sculpted from 60 tons of natural ice. State-of-the-art lighting illuminates this expertly constructed ice bar so that it becomes a true work of art.

Check out the various start times online and make a reservation. That way you ensure, you’ll get in at your desired time. Purchase a couple of extra tickets for your friends or loved ones and have a special evening in the Icebar Amsterdam.