Small Boat Cruise Anne Frank House

Small Boat Cruise

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Important information

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Child age and price:
    0 - 3 years: free
    4 - 13 years: child ticket
  • Check-in: 15 min. before departure on the quay
  • Note
    This is a ticket for a specific date and time ('time slotted ticket') and is not refundable without costs. For questions please contact
  • Max. 25 people per boat
  • Commentary by the skipper in English

About this activity

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Cruise the narrowest and oldest canals
  • Local expert live guides with all the inside information

The smaller, less travelled canals

Amsterdam has over 100 km of waterways running through the city. Some of these canals are too narrow for the bigger cruise boats to navigate. This are often some of the oldest canals the city has, which run through some of the city's oldest neighbourhoods.

This cruise will take you through the city's historic 17th century canal belt lined with canal houses similar to the traditional canal cruises, including the Prinsengracht, Herengracht and Keizersgracht. However you will also visit the narrower canals such as can be found in the Red Light District.

On this boat tour you will see the old bridges, churches and house boats which give the city its unique character. No cruise through Amsterdam is complete without a guide. On this tour you will be accompanied by a local guide or skipper who can point out all the best spots. Let the skipper know if there is something specific you want to see and they'll see what they can do to make it happen.

Choose your starting point

You can start this cruise in two different locations spread across the city. The departure points are near some of Amsterdam's most famous museums. On the Prinsengracht you can step on board near the Anne Frank House, where you can learn all about her time in hiding in a secret annex. Stepping on board a cruise afterwards might just be the perfect way to have some time to process what you have seen while surrounding yourself with the beauty of the city.

On the Stadhouderskade, you can board a boat near the Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands with the famous Night Watch by Rembrandt and many other pieces from both near and far.

Environmentally-friendly boats

The boats used for the Small boat cruise are both green and silent. Meaning that you can hear all the sounds of the city as you sail through it while knowing that your visit to Amsterdam is a sustainable one.

As the boats are small, you'll be able to enjoy the experience in a smaller group of people and have a proper conversation with the skipper to learn more about the city. You can even buy a drink and snacks on board to enjoy along with the sights around you.