KINgsday Special Cruise

KINgsday Special Cruise

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A special Cruise on King’s Day Amsterdam!

Imagine King’s Day in Amsterdam and one of the images that will probably come to mind is that of the many boats in the canals with partying people on it. This year you will get the change to be part of this spectacle with the KINgsday Special Cruise! Step aboard our boat with your friends and family and enjoy King’s day Amsterdam on the canals just like the locals.

King’s Day in the Netherlands

King’s Day takes place on April 27th. This is the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. This day is a public holiday which means that almost everyone that lives in the Netherlands has a day off. The entire country will be transformed in a place of party and festivities, but there is one city that tops them all. King’s Day Amsterdam is the party of all parties. More than 600.000 people will come to King’s Day Amsterdam. The canals will be filled with boats. The quay along the canals will be crowded with people clad in orange. People will sell their second-hand wares in the citywide flea market. Many places will be selling (street)food so that you don’t have to be hungry while partying. Discover it all from a boat as you cruise the Amsterdam canals on this fantastic national holiday.

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The KINgsday Special Cruise includes unlimited drinks and music on the boat. You will spend 90 minutes on the canals with other party people. The KINgsday Special Cruise leaves every 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station West. Enjoy the brightly decorated boats surrounding you and dance along with the music. Dress up in your best orange outfit, bring your biggest smile and celebrate with the locals. This is your chance to celebrate one of the best holidays in the Netherlands, so don’t miss out on King’s Day Amsterdam!

Centraal Station West

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